Barcode Label Printing Scales

Model: Q9LBL TM30
Model: Q10LBL TM30
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Q9 and Q10 are ideal Barcode Label Printer Scales for supermarkets or any packing area that needs labels to be printed. They come with a powerful JHMA Application that enables smooth configuration, PLU Data transfer and SQL data injection with the Server. The robust machines have inbuilt storage for almost 20,000 products. A host of connectivity options include, RS 232, USB, RJ 45 LAN and RJ 11 allowing you to integrate the machine to SQL server or to most POS software in the market. Complete data details can be entered through scale or through PC and via pen drive. The scales provide a host of Barcode formats that can be edited to suit your requirement and an optional or inbuilt Wi-Fi attachment (inbuilt in Q10). Scales offers a fast printing speed of 75mm per second on easily available thermal paper. Large pans, easy to read displays and a body resistant to ingress from small insects make them perfect for markets. Q9 features a Green Negative LCD display and Q 10 has a blue backlight LCD display.

Product Details:
  • Model
  • Capacity
  • Pan size
  • Q9 /Q10
  • 10kg x 2gm
  • 350mm x 260mm
  • Q9 /Q10
  • 30kg x 5gm
  • 350mm x 260mm