Crane Weighing Scale

Model: CWE
Model: CWE-W
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Durable, strong machines made from Die Cast Aluminum. The scales have a large 25mm display and provided with a remote control. The scales have ultra-power save function providing upto 36 hours operation on a full charge. They can be optionally equipped with handheld display units or radio data transmission to a ground station unit, or a PC in the office. There are special models for foundries and applications where high temperatures are experienced. The display units can be equipped with printers for instant inventory records.

Product Details:
  • Capacity
  • Least Count
  • 500KG
  • 500GM
  • 1000KG
  • 500GM
  • 2000KG
  • 1KG
  • 3000KG
  • 1KG
  • 5000KG
  • 2KG
  • 10,000KG
  • 5KG
  • 20,000KG
  • 10KG
  • 30,000KG
  • 20KG
  • 40,000KG
  • 50KG
  • 50,000KG
  • 50KG