Fully Electronic Lorry Weighbridge

Model: TWb
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We provided fully electronic weighbridges that can be mounted flush to ground or above ground with access ramps. All bridges utilize IP 68 protected loadcells made from Alloy or Stainless Steel. Designed for outdoor use, they come with inbuilt lightning protections. A detailed painting procedure ensures that the platform does not corrode in outdoor areas. Optional jumbo displays and networking of weighbridges is possible.

Weighbridges can be provided with complete data management and ticket printing software available in a standard format or customized. Weighment tickets can be printed on pre-printed stationery or basic plain paper. Detailed records of weighment are maintained and can be exported for further MIS.

Product Details:
  • Capacity
  • Least Count
  • Platform size
  • 20,000kg
  • 5kg
  • 6M x 3M
  • 30,000kg
  • 5kg/10kg
  • 9M x 3M/12M x 3M
  • 40,000kg
  • 10kg
  • 9M x 3M/12M x 3M
  • 50,000kg
  • 10kg
  • 12M x 3M/14M x 3M
  • 60,000kg
  • 20Kg
  • 14M x 3M/16M x 3M
  • Stainless Steel load cells
  • PC with printer
  • Ticket printing and data logging software
  • 100 mm large displays for external viewing
  • Networking of multiple weighbridges
  • Turnkey installation with civil work