High Denomination Weights

High Denomination weights manufactured from Cast Iron Steel conforming to OIML specifications. Free from porosity they are provided with a durable coat of enamel or epoxy paint. The weights are stackable and come with inbuilt handles. Provision for forklift handling is provided in capacities of 1000kg and above. The weights can be provided approved from weights and measures department INDIA or calibrated from NABL accredited laboratory (till 1000kg capacity). Available in Grades M3 and M2.

Product Details:
  • Denominations Available
  • 500Kg
  • 1000Kg
  • 2000Kg
  • 5000Kg
Note: Non standard capacities for testing of cranes or any other application can also be provided
  • 625Kg
  • 1250Kg
  • 2500Kg
  • 6500Kg