Dormant Electronic Scale

Model: DSE
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These large 4 loadcell based floor scales are built for industrial applications. Made from Strong Channels /Beams with an epoxy coated steel indicator, they come with a standard inbuilt surge arrestor and RFI / EMI filter. They have a unique shock absorbing design allowing limited self restoring motion of platform or a fully floating platform. 12.5mm LED display is visible in all light conditions and consumes minimal power. Scales can be provided with a stainless steel, mild steel or aluminium plain or checkered top based on requirements. Can also be constructed entirely from stainless steel for Chemical, Food and Pharma applications.

Product Details:
  • Capacity
  • Least Count
  • Platter Size
  • 1000KG
  • 100GM
  • 1000mmX1000mm
  • 2000KG
  • 200GM
  • 1200mmX1200mm
  • 3000KG
  • 500GM
  • 1500mmX1500mm
  • 5000KG
  • 500GM
  • 1800mmX1800mm
  • 6000KG
  • 1KG
  • 2000mmX2000mm
  • 8000KG
  • 1KG
  • 2700mmX2100mm
  • Larger and customized platform sizes
  • Auxiliary remote slave display
  • Larger display of 25mm
  • Inbuilt maintenance free battery backup
  • Full Stainless Steel 304 /316 construction
  • RS 232 C port
  • 4-20 mA output
  • Dual set points with relay contacts
  • Flameproof versions for hazardous area locations
  • Tower lights
  • Higher accuracies
  • Inbuilt or external printer with ticket printing software
  • Attachments for weighing long products or cylinders
  • Stainless Steel cladding for platforms
  • Epoxy painting for corrosive environments
  • Access ramps