Printer Scale

All our industrial weighing scales can be provided with optional compact 40 coulmn printers. The printers can print on thermal paper or are equiped with Dot Matrix mechanism to provide 1+1 copy.

The printers can be attached to our scales to provide an integrated billing solution.. They are ideal for packing or inventory control without € investing in any additional software or PC . The printers directly read weight weight data from the scales eliminating all human errors

The printers have battery backup and can store prices , product name , product code for 2000 items. It can be used as a billing machine and has facility to add multiple products, VAT amount, discount and totalising.

The printed tickets come with user name as a header with a date and time imprint .Complete transaction data is stored in machine and can be edited, uploaded or downloaded to a PC through a USB pen drive . Software for data transfer is provided with the product alongwith interfacing cables